Kamis, 04 Juni 2015

Daun gugur terlupakan.

Siapa pernah suka di ragukan?
Siapa pernah bahagia dibanding-banding kan?
Siapa pernah menyenangi usahanya tak dinilai?
salah satunya, saya,

Ijinkan saya untuk merasa kecewa, sedalam-dalamnya.
Ijinkan saya untuk merasa usaha saya tak dinilai, sebanyak-banyaknya.
Ijinkan saya untuk memilih untuk menarik mundur seluruh semangat,
ya, karena saya belum setegar itu.

Mengapa begitu mendadak?
Mengapa harus begini?
Aku tak henti bertanya.

Besok akan datang hari lain.
Besok akan datang senyuman lain.
Besok akan datang hal-hal baru.
tapi satu kejadian pasti, hal ini tak akan hilang dari ingatanku.

Katakan aku marah.
Katakan aku merasa kecewa.
Katakan bahwa aku memang belum dewasa.
Sila buat penilaian.

Saya begini adanya.

Rabu, 29 April 2015

Self Reflection. Mirror to personal mistakes and way to self learning.

Today, I made several mistakes.

Bukan berati kemarin dan hari-hari sebelumnya aku tak pernah membuat satu kesalahan apapun, hanya saja, hari ini aku benar-benar merasa harus meminta maaf kepada banyak orang. Mostly, due to the disappointment I realized they felt toward me and several appointment I failed to do.

Kau tau? Sorot mata bisa berkata seribu bahasa. Dari sanalah aku sadar aku harus meminta maaf atas kesalahan-kesalahan tersebut. I did. Mostly, they don't even realize, or even forget that already, or saying it was just my personal feeling but, for me it still is important for me to realize I did wrong and I need to say my apology.


Self Reflection.

Why is it so important to one for doing the reflection and realize any form of mistake and urgency to look from another point of view? because mostly, we're living in a world created by our own perspective, believe and self. Most of the time, we live in such a world where us, as the center, the one doing the action. Have you ever take some time to sit and think about what our action has affected into? Is there anything better we could actually done instead of doing the action we did? is there any heart we actually hurt by doing that action? will that action lead us to somewhere better instead of nowhere?

I reflect upon myself. Trying to put myself out from the world I'm living, to see things I've done from another perspective, questioning and realizing, "I should be better".
Reflecting is the necessary counterpart to all your actions – the Yin of the Yang if you so want – as acting without scrutinizing is dangerous and might have tremendously negative consequences. By reflecting, you will be able to make instant adjustments to your course; whenever you notice that the current path won’t lead you to where you want to be. In the contrary, a person that doesn’t reflect its actions in an honest way and scrutinizes its decisions might risk to get stuck in a misleading path one day where there is no escape.
for more article, go to The Importance of Reflecting one’s Action as I then start saying my apology after reading this great article. Please read if you have time.